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Floating Freezing Rack Unit for 20 Straws

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Minitubs floating freezing rack system for 90 straws.

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Minitubs floating freezing rack system for 20 straws. Compact and easy to handle. Made of a styrofoam box of high quality, an inner container of stainless steel and a floating rack. The stainless steel container is filled with liquid nitrogen. The rack maintains the required distance between 0.5ml or 0.25ml straws during the first down phase while it floats on the liquid nitrogen. After that the straws get manually immersed in to the nitrogen.

Distance between straws and liquid nitrogen level can be adjusted
fits 0.5ml and 0.25ml straws
Low nitrogen consumption
High quality styrofoam chest and stainless steel inner box

Floating Freezing Rack InstructionHERE


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